Are you ready for some Detroit Lions free agency talk? With two intriguing free agents on the table, Emanuel Mosley and Graham Glasgow, it’s decision time for the Lions. Who should they prioritize bringing back? Let’s dive in and explore both options.

Emanuel Mosley: A Talented Cornerback with Unfortunate Luck

Emanuel Mosley was poised for a breakout season, but unfortunately, injuries derailed his progress. Despite showing promise, he suffered setbacks, leaving fans wondering what could have been. Mosley’s potential to shine in the cornerback position makes him a valuable asset for the Lions.

The Lions need depth and talent in their cornerback roster, and Mosley could provide just that. His one-year deal was meant to be a showcase of his abilities, but fate had other plans. However, with a speedy recovery last year, there’s optimism for his return to form.

Pros of Resigning Mosley:

  • Desperate need for competition and talent at the cornerback position.
  • Potential for Mosley to bounce back and prove himself after injuries.
  • Opportunity for a low-risk, high-reward signing with a one-year deal.


  • Concerns about his recovery and potential for further injuries.
  • The uncertainty of his performance post-injury.

In summary, resigning Emanuel Mosley could be a strategic move for the Lions to bolster their cornerback depth, provided he can stay healthy and regain his pre-injury form.

Graham Glasgow: The Reliable Offensive Lineman

Graham Glasgow proved his worth in the 2023 season, stepping up when the team needed him the most. With injuries plaguing the offensive line, Glasgow’s reliability and versatility became invaluable assets for the Lions. Playing in every game and showcasing solid performances, he emerged as a fan favorite.

Pros of Resigning Glasgow:

  • Versatility to play both center and guard positions.
  • Exceptional reliability, playing in every game of the season.
  • Strong performances despite challenges within the offensive line.


  • Age could be a factor, with Glasgow approaching 32.
  • Pass-blocking performance may need improvement.

Despite his age, Glasgow’s consistent performance and versatility make him a valuable asset for the Lions’ offensive line. Resigning him could provide stability and experience in an area of need.

Must-Sign Free Agents for the Lions

In conclusion, both Emanuel Mosley and Graham Glasgow present compelling cases for re-signing. Mosley offers potential and talent at the cornerback position, while Glasgow brings reliability and versatility to the offensive line.

For the Lions, addressing both cornerback and offensive line needs is crucial for the upcoming season. Mosley’s one-year deal could be a low-risk opportunity, while Glasgow’s proven track record makes him a dependable choice.

With strategic signings, the Lions can strengthen their roster and position themselves for success in the upcoming season. Who will they choose? Only time will tell.

As always, let me know your thoughts in the comments, and stay tuned for more Detroit Lions updates and discussions. Go Lions! 🦁🏈

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